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"I have been using AgentConnect's services now for over 6 months. I just listed a house for a family who needs to buy another one through me as well. I also have a buyer who I have been working with for a couple of months and he appears ready to purchase now. It is essential to call the leads back soon after they are received. I would recommend this service to other agents."

- Rod Louis - Remax Preferred, Cincinnati, OH


"My experience with AgentConnect has been tremendously positive. The first lead I received from them, a seller lead, resulted in a listing that sold quickly in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle. These are real leads, real buyer and seller prospects. The customer service has been fantastic as well. My customer service representative, Melissa, has gone above and beyond for me. Their turn around time for replacement leads is fast too. I really like this company, and I will continue to use their services."

- Paul Cantu - CEO, Cantu Group Real Estate


"I was very skeptical when it came to purchasing leads for real estate. I decided to take a chance with AgentConnect and it was the best decision I ever made when it came to my business. I have been using them now for over a year and they have quickly become my primary source for real estate leads. I have sold over a dozen homes from the leads that I have received from AgentConnect. They guarantee the leads so you can't go wrong! I highly recommend AgentConnect to any Realtor who is ready to take their business to the next level."

- Jathan Day - Realtor, Newport News, VA


"I have been an active, top producing Realtor for 15 years here in the Sedona, AZ area. I have learned that to be successful I must invest in my business. The question is where and how? One of the things I do not like though about so many other website lead programs, is signing long term contracts. I did not have to do that with BuyerLink. The day I signed up, I started getting leads. And I mean a lot of them! Not just 10 a month as with so many other lead generation systems, but over 10 a day! Yes, it is true that some of them were just surfing the web, or looking for the value of their homes, but those were easy to weed through. And that can happen via any Real Estate website. The really great moments have come when I get those leads for 500K or even a million plus, and I found myself working with some of the most awesome clients I could ever hope for. With BuyerLink, I can choose which leads to go for. So I will rarely accept a lead in the lower price ranges. Another great feature of BuyerLink, is that the consumer has to fill out a detailed contact form as well as acknowledge that a seasoned Real Estate Professional will be contacting them to provide service. I have had huge success working with this company, and seriously cannot imagine my business without these leads. I just want to say thank you to BuyerLink and to my Rep, Rhys Palencia!"

- Karen Melillo - Realty Executives, Northern Arizona


"I've loved working with your leads. Most are accurate lead info, not bogus. But you replace the bogus ones anyway. The results have been really decent so far. Out of the first 60 leads we've received from you, I've prequalified 6 of them, and one of them is in underwriting intending to close. We've had conversations with about 20-25 of them, enrolled 13 of them in our follow-up system, and simply dropped the ball with 16 of them. So with lame efforts on my side, I've got a 10% conversion rate. That's awesome for me! Now that we've tweaked our follow-up system we hope to drop none of them, and convert a higher ratio in the next 3 months. Thanks Jennifer!"

- Joshua M. Thomas - Republic Mortgage, Utah


"Since starting with BuyerLink my pipeline has been filling up with great buyer leads. One of the nice things that I didn't really expect is that I'm also getting some seller leads. The thing that has impressed me the most is the quality of these leads. I have used other services and websites and have gotten mostly bad information and wrong phone numbers. Not with BuyerLink My pipeline has me pretty excited about the rest of 2012. You guys ROCK! Thanks"

- Larry Parks - Real Estate for 2, Utah

"My name is Emilia Ghukasyan with Keller Williams Realty, Glendale CA. For the past 1+year that I have been signed up with BuyerLink I have received various types of leads, including good and bad ones... What matters is that it's a people's business we are in and an Internet lead turns out to be a living and breathing human being who may become your Client for life. I got 4 outstanding Clients thru AgentConnect and am currently working with several sellers! I want to thank BuyerLink for their persistence to sign me up, which is something, as a rule, I NEVER DO over the phone! It was a great decision! Great Team, Great Support, Great Customer Service! Keep those good leads coming !!! All we agents need to do is to convert them into Sellers and Buyers. Now that it worked for me I believe it can work for anyone who is energetic, pro-active, upbeat and ready for more business."

- Emilia G - Keller Williams, January 2012


"After coming and going in the real estate business over the last 30 years, I decided to change careers and go into real estate full time and to become a Buyer's agent. For two years I have been assisting the other agent in our office with his REO's and Short Sales by doing BPO's and the clerical aspects of the sales process. Once I got my license I decided to handle finding homes for people instead of finding buyers for the homes I listed. Problem: How to find the buyers? Half of my clients came from the call-ins for the foreclosure properties the other agent had advertised, and the other half came from referrals off of those call in clients. I was preparing a door knocker flyer and planning on pounding the pavement to put up my flyers in hopes of drumming up business, when I was contacted by AgentConnect with a "too-good-to-be-true" deal to become a partner in their referral service. I had been approached before by several other referral services and was turned off by their money hungry approach, the lengthy contracts, and the cut-throat style of getting the referrals. BuyerLink offered me incentives to join their service. They told me what they would do for me, not what I could do for them. I was skeptical at first, but within 24 hours I was getting referrals. Within two weeks I had four active clients. Two are not ready for my services yet, but will work with me when they are ready. When I explained their situation to my handler, I was given credit on my assurance I would contact BuyerLink when I activated the client. No questions asked. They just issued the credit. I am currently working two fully active clients and hope to have them in escrow and homes within the next month. BuyerLink has done everything they said they would do. After two weeks, I became so busy I had to ask that they put my account on hold for a couple of weeks for me to catch up. BuyerLink is truly a partnering company. They understand the working relationship with the Realtors. If the money means more, the client will never mean more. There is daily follow up and contact every time I call in. I am thrilled with this company. I no more have time now to pound the pavement for clients than I would t build a bridge. The bridge built was with AgentConnect."

- Erin Allen Realtor – DRE #01870981 BCF Residential Real Estate Services

"My name is Victoria Franco with RE/MAX West Professionals in Houston, Texas. About a year ago, I tried one of many companies out there in lead generation. Needless to say, I had no luck and no closings. I joined "AgentConnect" in March of this year 2011. I had two closings this month of June thanks to "AgentConnect". The money I invested has paid off. "AgentConnect" Delivers qualified leads!"

- Victoria Franco –Remax

"If you've heard it all I have too, all the promises and all the Yada Yada about how you are going to get the best leads and have an exclusive territory. Well guess what, AgentConnect really does what they say they are going to do. The leads I have had are fresh, and many of them have turned into sales. I am in a very slow market and the other agents in my office are asking me where I am getting my leads. Thank goodness for BuyerLink!"

- Judy Russell, ABR, GRI


"As a Real Estate agent in a challenging financial market, I get approached daily by well intended sales folks with creative suggestions to enhance my bottom line. At best, I am skeptical of all because experience has taught me that it is rare that a company actually "delivers" what they sell, regardless of cost. AgentConnect leads have produced eager, willing customers who want to sell their home. All I have to do is pick up the phone!"

- Georgia Way, July, 2010

"I have been in the Real Estate profession for a long time and I am with Keller Williams Realty Professionals. Over the years, I have been contacted by many companies specializing in internet-based real estate leads. Ultimately, they were not a good fit; specifically in terms of how our business relationship would work. I have found that AgentConnect is different than the others in that BuyerLink truly understands that not all leads are viable prospects and takes that into consideration. I've been subscribing to AgentConnect for only a few short months and am about to close a real estate transaction from a BuyerLink-generated lead and I am also working closely with another. In today's challenging real estate market, for both professionals and consumers, BuyerLink is an important resource for both. I am pleased with how our relationship has evolved and have come to rely on BuyerLink for incremental business."

- Ted Invie, June, 2010

"As any Realtor will be reluctant to sign up with a referral company… was I. AgentConnect has proven itself to deliver qualified and responsive leads to my office. As with any marketing program, an agent must be willing to make timely call-backs, work every lead, and then turn those leads into sales. Since the first of the year I have had three sales result from leads provided by BuyerLink and a fourth one next week! Work the program and the program will work for you at a fraction of the resulting sales. Our sales rep, Rhys Palencia, has been instrumental in the success of the BuyerLink program at Green Ivy Realty."

- Mark Machlis, June, 2010

"Working with BuyerLink has been very good. Unlike other companies who promise a certain quantity of leads and don't come through, BuyerLink always fills my quota. My goal is to have a quality conversation with at least one potential buyer every day, and BuyerLink helps me do that. BuyerLink is a great tool to help you build your pipeline and make some sales in this market!"

- Matt Green

"BuyerLink has been a major contributor to the success of my business over the past two years. I have tried other lead services, but they don't compare to BuyerLink. If you are looking to build your business in this challenging market, I strongly recommend you get onboard with BuyerLink, as you will definitely get good, solid leads that result in closed business!"

- Camilla Moore

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